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Traditional Chinese Medicine Program (Practitioner & Doctor)

The focus of this last year of study is on the integration of learned knowledge and skills into the clinical setting. A greater practical and seminar component within the program will assist students in developing the professional skills and attitudes necessary for independent practice.

Year 4 continues the integration phase of the program; however, the focus will shift from the theoretical understanding of disease and treatment to the practical application of this knowledge in the clinical setting. Students will explore all relevant aspects of patient-practitioner interaction as well as of running a professional practice. At this point in the program, students are well prepared to integrate all learned knowledge with acquired practical skills and make the transition to independent (supervised) practice seem effortless.

YEAR FOUR: Term 7 – Fall 

ACU440. Acupuncture Lab VI (clinical) 1 credit. This acupuncture lab will focus on correct needling of a variety of points on the occiput, anterior neck and face shoulders and liao points of the sacrum. Prerequisites: ACU240, ACU241, ACU340, ACU341

BMS427. Western Pharmacology (didactic) 4 credits .This course will introduce the fundamentals of the science of pharmacology and include commonly used drugs in the major pharmaceutical categories. Prerequisite: BMS297, BMS298

CP402. TCM Case Studies II (clinical) 2 credits. A discussion for case studies that arise during student clinic practice .Students will present these cases and receive critical feedback from instructor and fellow classmates. Prerequisite: Concurrent with CP405 and CS405A

CP405. Supervised Clinical Practice (clinical) 9 credits. This course is designed to offer the student therapist a wide range of treatment experiences in unique settings. Students have the opportunity to apply manual skills learned in practical classes and integrate academic knowledge acquired in lecture classes into their physical practice. This course also allows the student to practice communication and other professional development skills in real-case scenarios and educate the general public about massage and its health benefits. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all first, second, third and concurrent fourth year TCM programs courses at the discretion of the Academic Dean.

CS405A. Applied Communication (clinical) 1 credit. Continuation of the development of counseling skills required in the clinical practice of TCM. This seminar course will focus on issues arising during students’ practical work with patients in the student clinic. Concurrent with CP365 or CP366 or CP375 or CP405

CS417. Professional Ethics II (didactic) 2 credits. Students are invited to consider the moral and ethical responsibilities inherent in their role as practitioners of TCM .Students clinicians explore their obligations to the public and professional community while under the governance of CTCMA and the Health Professions Act. Prerequisite: CS166 or CS157

PD403. Business Management (didactic) 3 credits. Presentation of the practical aspects of setting up a medical practice including clinic maintenance, office management, marketing and creation of a business plan.

PD404. Jurisprudence (didactic) 1 credit This course will examine the ethical and legal foundations of TCM practice as outlined by the Health Professions Act, Traditional Chinese and Acupuncture Regulation, and CTCMA bylaws .Prerequisite: PD403 or concurrent

TCM406. TCM Orthopedics (didactic) 1 credit. A course which looks at TCM Diagnostics and treatment for soft tissue injury, joint dislocation, bone fractures, and other diseases of bones and joints. Prerequisite: TCM253

TCM437. TCM Pharmacology & Toxicology (didactic) 4 credits. This course will investigate modern scientific research findings in the field of TCM medicines. A variety of TCM medicines will be investigated both in terms of pharmacology, toxicology and interactions of Chinese medicines with prescription drugs. Prerequisites: TCM303, TCM352, TCM353, BMS427 (or concurrent)

Total Credits, Term 7: 28


YEAR FOUR: Term 8 – Winter

CP455D. Clinical Practicum Placement (clinical) 30 credits. Students will be placed in a variety of clinical settings throughout Canada, Asia, or with independent practitioners or in the ACOS Student Clinic. There may be opportunity for clinical placement in China. Students will gain more confidence in conducting patient interviews, participating in diagnosis and treatment planning and performing appropriate acupuncture and herbalist treatments and follow-up on patients responses in treatment. Prerequisite: Successful completion of all courses of the TCM Practitioner program at the discretion of the Academic Dean.

PD451PD. Research Paper 4 credits. This upper level course allows the students to examine a topic of their choice with approval of the Academic Dean. Students will be expected to do independent readings, provide case studies, including differential diagnosis and treatment outlines, prepare a research paper and present their finding. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the 4th year Doctor of TCM/TCM Practitioner Program Courses. Concurrent with CP455

Total Credits, Term 8: 34

Year 4 Total Credits: 62
Year 4 Credit Hours: 930


Course Synopsis/Credits: TCM Doctor (5years)

Course Synopsis/Credits: TCM Practitioner (4years)

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