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The Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, since its inception, has been an institution founded upon an unwavering commitment to fidelity—- fidelity to Chinese medicine as it has evolved through its long centuries of tradition. Chinese medicine is truly an art and, like the Chinese traditions in culinary arts or martial arts for example, the art is considered to be given life, or to further evolve, only through the people who practice it. At the Academy, although much emphasis is placed on the ancient medical classics, paramount within these writings is the original spirit of the art of Chinese medicine as it continues to be expressed in clinical practice today. In all respects possible, we endeavor to transmit the knowledge and skills of the art of Chinese medicine as it exists in contemporary China to students here, in North America. At the same time, we realize that we are the human element of the evolution of the art as it evolves on a global scale.

– Joanne Van Allen Sinclaire